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I actually left deviantart many years ago. I forgot to update this. I have allowed permissions for anyone still here to put yours up in the gallery. This way you can continue on my idea even after I leave deviantart. I work full time now and my tablet broke so I been unable to continue drawing. Again - my apologies!

Hey there! This is shinkamalei, the founder. I know I myself do the YCH's but do any of you as well? I would love to not be the only one who does this! =D If you do, please comment here and we can add you to a list of all the people participating. So far it's very small (as is the group) T^T But hopefully that will change! So, thank you guys for reading and catch ya later!

Those participating in YCH so far:
:bulletblack: :iconshinkamalei:
:bulletblack: :iconsoluble-hermit:

For your information, I have will open up my YCH round when my pageviews reach 38k.…

In the meantime, this upcoming week and weekend I will be going through the gallery. IF the artwork you have submitted is not what YCH is about, it will be removed. If you think it is and it does get removed - let me know. THIS IS PURELY A FREE ARTWORK GROUP! This means you should be doing all of these for your watchers... for free!
The gallery will be closed. Some of you misunderstand what is allowed to be placed into the gallery. This is a club that essentially gives your watchers a chance to earn/win FREE ART from you.

On a side note, a MAJOR contest is being held by SweetYuya!!!!
$100+subs+A TON OF ART is the first prize!!!
Please check it out!!!……
I would like to clarify somethings about this club. ^^

:bulletblack: The club is not for bases. It's similar. You can use the YCH bodies if you so choose. But this club is actually a way to give back to your watchers. You make a plain base then your watchers or people who see the deviation are to comment on it with a reference to their OC or someone they want to you draw. What you can do is set limitations on what you will make that base into. You can color the base or make it a lineart. Whatever you want. But at the end of your own round of "YCH" - which is a day/+time that you say in the artist's comments - you choose one of the comments randomly. Each comment received should be given a number so you know which one is which.... or at least to prove it. =)
:bulletblack: This club is not to just post your art freely. I will be removing any that do not seem to be part of the YCH "game". I will also put a 1 vote on featured items and almsot all the other folders. If you have questions, feel free to comment here on note me. ^^